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Every industry is enjoined by law to employ competent erectors to carry out scaffold jobs and such erectors must have the basic knowledge of constructing a standard scaffold. The purpose of our training is to equip the individuals and company workers with the skills and technical know-how in scaffold technology and to improve erectors to meet up with the current conventional standard of scaffolding operation in the country and beyond.

TEE JEE Scaffolding offers Basic level, Advanced level II and Scaffold Inspectors training services to individuals and companies (corporate trainings). We are the sole representative of  SCAFFOLD TRAINING INSTITUTE, Texas USA in Africa to offer Scaffold Inspection Training. We have state of the art training centre for theory and practicals. We impact our trainees with quality scaffolding knowledge that is unequalled and of standard obtainable internationally because our trainers are internationally certified from C.I.S.R.S and Scaffold Training Institute, Houston Texas, U.S.A. 

Our training entails, scaffold technology, scaffold designs, safety applications, installation & dismantling, fall protection/prevention, alteration and material inspection.


Construction management :

Before you begin assembling your scaffold, take time to organize the parts in one location. Lay them out near the work area. Start by setting up the horizontal sides of the scaffold, with the ladders facing the same direction. Next, place the diagonal braces on the bottom rungs of the first and second base frames. Insert them into the cross-brace frames as tightly as possible. Then, attach the remaining legs and scaffold rungs.

Once you have your scaffolding, follow the instructions that come with it. Make sure the parts are level, and make sure you’re able to adjust each component. This may require a little trial and error, but the effort will be worth it in the end. Remember to avoid heavy weight or unsecured objects, such as power lines, when setting up a scaffold. The height of the scaffold is critical, and a scaffold can be dangerous if you’re unable to keep it secure.

The scaffold should have base plates, guardrails, adjusting screws, locking casters, and three planks for the work floor. You should calculate the height of the scaffold and include a minimum of four to six feet. To prevent instability, make sure that each section is high enough to reach the height of the wall when you stack two units together. If the scaffold is higher than two sections, it will tip and fall.

Before you begin work, you must first perform a thorough site assessment. The safety of your employees, visitors, and the public should be your top priority. The scaffolds must be safe to climb on, and any damaged or non-compliant elements should be repaired immediately. It is also important to avoid climbing on the portions of the scaffold that are not designed for climbing. Use ladders and built-in access points instead. Always remember to stow all tools safely.

Before the construction of a scaffold, you must assess the safety of the workers using it. The competent person should conduct daily or more frequent inspections to ensure the scaffold is safe for all activities. The inspection should consider the work activities on the platform. It should ensure that it will remain safe for the workers. In addition, the inspection should also look for specific trip hazards and fall-protection equipment. Make sure that the entire structure is sound, and there are no loose pieces.

Proper scaffolding is important for your safety. Make sure you use guying ties, bracing, and other safety measures. It is imperative that all equipment be tested to four times the intended load. Moreover, it is important to train all employees to use the scaffold safely. Once they have been trained, you should conduct daily inspections. You should also conduct periodic checks to ensure that the scaffolding is stable.

It is also essential that you maintain the scaffolding system. Over time, wooden planks may shift or crack, and metal parts may rust. Even equipment or nearby structures can damage the scaffold, which makes it unstable. If you are not sure of your equipment and tools’ safety standards, you should hire a competent person to supervise the scaffolding project. Besides, it is crucial that you enforce the safety standards of your employees. Using the proper materials, equipment, and procedures will help you to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

When it comes to scaffolding, you must be aware of the risks associated with its construction. Any kind of work on the scaffold can cause it to become unstable, and it is critical to avoid them. It is important to follow all of the safety regulations to ensure that your employees are protected. It is also crucial to follow the rules set by the government. If you are not aware of all the safety standards, you need to seek out the best professional in the field.

When you are installing scaffolds, you must ensure that you follow the proper standards. The rules will help prevent injuries and ensure that you protect the workers. The scaffold should be carefully anchored, as it can be a cause of a fall. A faulty installation will compromise the safety of workers and cause it to fall. As a result, you must be vigilant about the safety requirements of your workers and the contractors.

A scaffold is a device used to get higher while performing a task. A frame is joined vertically by coupling or stacking pins. It is important to stay within the limits of the structure when you are using a scaffold. There are certain safety measures that you must follow while working on a scaffold. A faulty scaffold could result in severe injury. Always check the safety measures before beginning any work.

Before you begin, inspect the scaffold and ensure that all parts are secure. A scaffold should not move while being used, and it should only be assembled by a competent person. Once erected, always remain vigilant of the safety of your coworkers and others. Make sure you have debris chutes or guard rails in place. When working at height, it is important to keep the surrounding area clean and safe. A scaffold must be level with no hazards, and you should not work in windy or stormy weather.

A scaffold should be inspected regularly. If there are any defects or loose planking, this can cause an accident. The scaffold should also be used under the supervision of a qualified individual. Always take care of coworkers and other workers who may be on the scaffold. It is also essential to secure the planking and handholds to avoid any tripping hazards. Once you are finished working, make sure that all scaffold parts are secured and the work is safe.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of scaffolding services. The availability of the site and the accessibility of the site can have a big impact on the price of the service. Some companies offer a short-term rental period, for which you will be charged a fixed sum of money. However, if you have to use the scaffolding for an extended period due to unforeseen circumstances, the company will be more willing to extend the rental period at a weekly rate.

The cost of the scaffolding may be much more than the cost of the scaffold itself. If the scaffolding is used for a renovation, for example, the company will need to assemble it correctly, and it will also need to be tagged and ready to be put to use. This service can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 per hour. The cost of the scaffolding itself may be high, but it will be more than worthwhile for the savings you’ll receive.

The cost of the service depends on the scope of the project. A full house paint job will require multiple walkways to reach the top of the house. A chimney repair will require one stable level at the top. Another example would be the installation of a new skylight. If a scaffolding company is used, the costs may be lower than that. But you’ll pay more for the indirect costs. If you choose to hire a scaffolding company, the price is typically higher.


We make the payment plan very convenient for clients because we are also interested in the success of our clients through a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore we make our terms convenient and friendly.

If  you are planning to build a scaffold, you need to know how much it will cost. A simple one-person job can easily cost $100 to $200. If you decide to hire a scaffolding company, you will need to arrange the assembly process. Some contractors charge between $200 and $500 per assembly. Other companies offer scaffolding and dismantle it for you. Regardless of which method you choose, the cost of assembling your own scaffold will be significantly lower.

In addition, you will have to consider the type of scaffolding you require. A baker scaffold is a popular choice in the construction industry because it allows you to work and balance from a platform. Typically, interior scaffolds are lightweight and portable and prevent damage to floors. Folding scaffolding is a great solution for limited access sites. Mason scaffolding is also a popular choice for large construction projects. This type of scaffolding is easy to install and designed for heavy work. It is also safe to use, and is often used by contractors. Plaster scaffolding will withstand weight and is a great choice for high-rise constructions.

Once you have your materials together, the next step is to calculate your scaffolding’s working height. This is the height of the platform at which you will stand on it. You can figure this out by adding six feet to the platform height. You can buy a scaffolding set and replacement frames separately. A good scaffolding set will include a variety of pieces and parts. These will ensure that your scaffolding will be ready for the construction project when you need it.



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