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As the largest stockist in Nigeria and supplier of scaffolding and safe access equipment, it is natural to provide our customers with more than only the product.
We know how challenging our work can be. our goal is to provide an array of services that are flexible and ease the burden of daily tasks.

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TeeJee is a leader in sales of scaffolding in Nigeria and is an international distributor of a broad range of top-quality scaffolding equipment that is available for purchase.
We’ve been supplying scaffolding, scaffolding parts, and scaffolding accessories to the construction as well as the oil and other leisure businesses for more than 15 years. Our extensive selection of high-quality equipment is available for purchase on the internet with quick delivery options. Additionally, our experts are available to talk about your requirements and needs.



Do you want to hire scaffolding or scaffold towers for massive-scale commercial and industrial projects?

TeeJee has a wide assortment of high-quality scaffolding as well as scaffolding towers that are available for hire from well-known brands, such as Uniscaff, Alto, Layher, Combisafe and many more.

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Our clients are supported from initial consultations all the way through to project completion is a philosophy that is at the foundation of TeeJee’s Scaffoldings.

Each product, project or plan is different which is why we’ve developed an engineering network that includes skilled contacts that share our safety and customer-centric principles, which is why every scaffolding system is developed by professionals that you can count on. We provide advice and technical assistance that will allow you to be confident about the scaffolding system that your project requires.

WE ARE THE BEST scaffolding COMPANY in africa.

We started as a household name in Nigeria and have become an African thing now. Yes, we make bold to say that we are the best because we never lost a client for 22 years. Not a claim but a verifiable fact. 

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